2019 September Newsletter

The NACCCA Anniversary Dinner was held on August 7, 2019 in Anaheim, CA, USA. The dinner brought together more than 200 clinical laboratory experts and industry professionals from China, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, including many leaders from the China, US and other international associations.

Dr. David Grenache (AACC President-elect, Present- Elect of 2019), Dr. Ferrari Maurizio (IFCC President), Dr. Baishen Pan (CSLM Former Chair), Mr. Haibo Song (CAIVD Chair) gave a speech at the dinner. 

Dr. Chao Yuan (NACCCA president of 2018-2019) reviewed the main activities of NACCCA in 2018-2019, including co-organized and attended meetings. President Chao Yuan announced the Grants & Awards winners at the dinner including Outstanding Mentorship, Outstanding Research, Outstanding Service, Past President Award, Research Grant, and Travel Awards.

Left: Dr. Qing H. Meng (Outstanding Research Award)
Right: Dr. Cao Yuan, President of NACCCA 2018-2019

NACCCA 2019-2020 President, Dr. Cao Jing, gave a speech looking forward to the next year’s work.

Dr. Cao

Dr. Ruben Luo, winner of the 2018 Research grant, gave a nice study report. Dr. Luo’s research was also awarded the 2019 AACC student poster award.

Dr. Luo

2019 -20 NACCCA Board with members

2019 NACCCA Sponsors