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In response to the increase in acts of anti-Asian hate, the board of NACCCA (North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association), a nonprofit organization with clinical chemists, scientists, physicians, and clinical laboratorians from regions of North America, Eastern Asia, and Europe, issued the following statement:

Special report from Sheng Feng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. Houston, TX and Nguyen Nguyen, Ph.D., Clinical Chemist & Safety Officer at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center – Temple, TX

Parathyroid hormone (PTH), which is secreted from parathyroid glands and controls blood calcium and phosphorus, have been usually used to monitor hyperparathyroidism and the response to calcimimetic drugs in routine clinical practice. One unique application is intraoperative parathyroid hormone (IOPTH), which can indicate whether the overactive parathyroid glands have been successfully removed or not. A special case of ectopic supernumerary parathyroid adenoma has been recently published in Clinical Chemistry

In This Issue NACCCA 2021 Annual Meeting Highlights of AACC 2021 AACC COVID Immunity Study Awards and New Board Members 本期报道 NACCCA 2021 周年会议 2021 AACC 要闻 AACC新冠免疫研究 会议奖项与主委新成员 北美华人临床化学家协会的第四十一届周年会议庆典于2021年9月29号在Zoom平台召开。 The 41st annual meeting of the North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association started on September 29th, 2021 on Zoom.

第七十二届美国临床化学网络年会将于2020年12月13号至17号召开。NACCCA及其成员将在会议期间推出和参与多项精彩活动及讲座,敬请期待。 The 72nd AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo will be held virtually on December 13-17, 2020. NACCCA and its members will have various activities and presentations. We are looking forward to another productive meeting week.

The 2020 NACCCA 40th Anniversary will be held virtually on December 16, 2020, 7:00-9:00PM US Central Time. 北美华人临床化学协会四十周年线上活动将于北京时间2020年12月17日上午9:00 – 11:00召开。

The First AACC Chinese Symposium will be held at the 2020 AACC Annual Meeting on December 16, 2020 2:00 – 4:30pm CST (3:00 – 5:30pm EST), featuring panel discussions of “Current Landscape of Clinical Diagnostics & Emerging Technologies in the United States and China“.

Dear NACCCA members, Our board is open for new members annually. Please nominate candidates that you believe fit the positions well for the 2020-2021 terms. Self-nominations are welcome too. President-Elect Treasurer Board Directors Secretary Communication Officer Please email your nomination to Thank you!

NACCCA 助解疫区同胞同行燃眉之急 自今年一月新型冠状病毒肺炎在湖北武汉爆发以来,从各种渠道传来的消息灼烧着海外华人的心。同胞的危急大家感同身受,NACCCA的骨干成员纷纷尽自己的绵薄之力,通过校友会,同乡会,各地华裔联盟捐助善款物资,助解疫区同胞燃眉之急。 进入三月以来,新冠肺炎已经到达了海外各国,同样的物资与检验试剂短缺困扰着医护人员。NACCCA继续起到桥梁纽带作用,沟通国内体外诊断企业宝贵的实战经验与产品信息,协助来自国内的物资捐赠,与异国同行齐心协力力战疫魔。 NACCCA-Labroots Webinar: 新冠病毒实验室检测与安全防范–来自前线的讯息 美华人临床化学协会和中国体外诊断行业协会合作,将于四月二日通过Labroots网络讲座平台举办一系列新冠病毒检验讲座中的首期,“新冠病毒实验室检测与安全防范–来自前线的讯息”。此次讲座由美国临床化学协会面向全球会员发布,同时通过 Labroots注册用户面向北美及世界其他地区播出。 讲座分为嘉宾报告与专家论坛两部分。上海交通大学附属第一人民医院检验医学中心副主任伍均教授应邀作为嘉宾向观众介绍新冠病毒检测方法与相关临床表现,四川省人民医院检验主任蒋黎教授应邀讲述实验室验证分子检验方法的过程,已经院内各种标本检测阳性率。专家论坛由中国人民解放军总医院临床检验科主任王成彬教授担任主席,加州大学旧金山分校医学院骆亦奇博士主持,中国独立检验行业领军企业负责人参与,介绍采样规范,实验室安全措施等实际经验。 This presentation is provided in collaboration with the North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association (NACCCA) Members Publications (Jan 2019-Jan 2020) Yiqi Ruben Luo, PhD Yiqi Ruben Luo*, Indrani Chakraborty, Robert F. Zuk, Kara L. Lynch, Alan H.B. Wu, “A Thin-Film Interferometry-Based Label-Free Immunoassay for […]



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